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Process Integration for Service Management

The Unrivaled Guide to Process Integration for Service Management

Organizations can be more effective when workflows are extend across departments and applications via automation.

Process integration is about making that inter-application workflow happen.

Key Takeaways from the Guide

Read the guide to understand:

  • What process integration is
  • What good process integration looks like
  • How to enable inter-application workflows
  • Key features of process integration solutions
  • Choosing the right integration model for your process integration project
  • Maintaining the health of your process integration solution

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Common Use Cases for Process Integration

Process integration for service management can address a number of use cases including:

  • Linking ITSM with Development to automate DevOps
  • Unifying IT and customer service processes
  • eBonding with third-party, partner service providers
  • Connecting business intelligence and analytics tools to the corporate data warehouse
  • and more!

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