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Customer Success Stories

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Listen to what our customers have to say about Perspectium - we've collected a page of videos from Perspectium customers answering some of the questions that you might be thinking about.

Here are some of the other enterprises that are using Perspectium to unsilo their ServiceNow data and workflow.

The IT team at Aetna had a requirement to integrate their corporate ServiceNow instance with the ServiceNow instance of an Aetna affiliate. Aetna also needed to replicate data from their ServiceNow instance to a database to support reporting needs.

With the integrations in place, Aetna keeps ServiceNow data in sync with their affiliate, has up-to-date information for reporting, and is well-positioned to on-board additional affiliates as demanded by the business.


Employees at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota view knowledge articles in a ServiceNow instance, but only a handful have access to write, edit, and publish them in ServiceNow. Staff members now write and edit articles using Microsoft Sharepoint.

With Perspectium, BCBS of Minnesota replicates Sharepoint data to the ServiceNow instance. Employees can get all their knowledge in one place and no longer need to send and copy-paste by hand.

GE needed the ability to send their ServiceNow data to their Business Intelligence (BI) database, allowing them to report on, analyze and warehouse the information captured.

GE recognized that a robust solution was needed to handle end-user requests and BI/reporting requests. GE decided to use Perspectium to send data dynamically from ServiceNow to the GE data lake. GE can now query against the database containing their ServiceNow data.


Having several data systems to combine, Intermountain Healthcare needed better visibility into incident management.

With Perspectium, Intermountain stopped having to wait until night time to run jobs and, instead, began syncing data dynamically as it changed, exchanging about one million records per month. Intermountain also created a new catalog offering of reports and analytics, made possible because of the new integrations.

Rogers needed to free up resources that were duplicating incidents manually between a ServiceNow instance for Rogers enterprise business unit and another ServiceNow instance for Rogers IT. 

Previously, using email to facilitate the duplication, members of the two departments had to copy-paste the incident details, raising the risk for error.


Zurich Insurance Group embarked on a SIAM initiative to integrate its service providers into its IT service management organization. 

Using Perspectium, Zurich integrated ServiceNow to the API gateway of its global telecom services provider to send and receive incident tickets in real time. The approach also gave Zurich a repeatable process to onboard other service providers.

Accenture has grown extremely quickly, and is onboarding new customers weekly. This growth meant that Accenture needs a unified, repeatable approach to integrations that won't negatively impact service desk performance.

With Perspectium, Accenture eliminated the need for 11 custom integrations, is replicating 2 million records per day, is offering real-time ServiceNow reporting of over 100 million records per month, and can onboard a new customer within a couple of days.

With web services, CDW's integrations were cumbersome, inadequate, and expensive to maintain. Besides having impediments to scalability, CDW needed to improve its integration offerings for customers, who at the time needed to do development work on their end to complete integration projects with CDW-at a price tag of $50,000 in one case.

CDW now offers customer integration solutions that satisfy these requirements: giving visibility to customers, ensuring real-time transfer for data integrity, and not requiring extra coding by the customer. With a complete integration solution in place, CDW is well-positioned to scale their service management.

ServiceNow needed to integrate CRM data from multiple production applications into their big data environment, providing business decision makers with real-time access to essential analytics data without creating a performance impact on their production environments.

With Perspectium, ServiceNow have replaced 2 custom integrations and are processing 13 million+ transactions per day from 600+ database tables. Providing analytics to several departments, the BI team can complete new analytics requests in days.


NYSE needed a robust integration between ServiceNow and a data store in Oracle for knowledge records. The POC was proved out in 3 days and showed immediate value to NYSE. Additional data element integrations into Oracle can be added at-will.

With Perspectium, NYSE was able to eliminate the need for a custom integration and are supporting 2.5 million transactions a month.

Needing to connect into each of their customers' systems, Crossfuze were missing out on economies of scale with its swivel-chair integration.

With Perspectium, Crossfuze were able to integrate all their customers to a central MSP ServiceNow instance, replacing 20 custom integrations and supporting 10 million transactions a month. Crossfuze reduced their onboarding time by more than 80%, eliminated swivel-chair integration, and introduced common workflows and consistent service levels.

Fujitsu turned to Perspectium to provide completely managed integrations that run as a service. This ensures constant availability and operation, despite inevitable changes to the ServiceNow instances or infrastructure.

Fujitsu also uses Perspectium to integrate their own instances of ServiceNow from their various internal divisions and geographical locations - moving data into data warehouses for their own custom reporting and analytics.

CERN needed to report non-IT services, train new Service Desk staff, sync its business service catalog, and monitor the performance of ServiceNow.

With Perspectium, CERN has eliminated the need for custom integration and are supporting 2.5 million transactions a month. They are using Perspectium to proactively identify areas to improve ServiceNow performance, to deliver service desk training, and to understand the performance of many of the non-IT services they manage.


Following the Paramount acquisition, Viacom needed to consolidate 11 ServiceNow instances down to 3 and synchronize data in real time.

With Perspectium, they have eliminated the need for 11 custom integrations and are supporting 5 million transactions a month.

Swiss Re needed a comprehensive way to proactively manage performance issues with ServiceNow, looking especially to highlight areas of lower performance.

With Perspectium, Swiss Re was able to get early warning on unexpected performance degradation before it results in system down time. Swiss Re was able to identify where the slowdowns were occurring, and subsequently improve performance 20x, bringing key data retrieval down from 51 seconds to 600ms.

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NTT (Dimension Data) is a global leader in the provision and management of specialist IT infrastructure solutions and services.

Their customer-facing online data store needed access to internal databases to fulfill revenue-generating transactions. With Perspectium, they are able to facilitate data exchange with their catalog and internal SQL database and are now supporting 35 million transactions a month.