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Archive ServiceNow Data Off-platform

Data Archive for ServiceNow

Avoid additional storage fees and improve the performance of ServiceNow, by archiving data within your preferred repository.


ServiceNow-native application for business
and technical users

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Archive data off-platform and improve ServiceNow's performance

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Archive data within your preferred repository and avoid additional storage fees

Set your own ServiceNow backup schedule

Set a schedule for periodic archival or archive on-demand as and when required

ServiceNow-native application

Easily archive historic, stale and other examples of data with a user-friendly, ServiceNow-native application.


Schedule archive events or archive on-demand

Set a schedule for periodic archival or create new archives as and when required.

Avoid additional storage fees

Avoid incurring additional storage fees for data that is not in active use, by archiving that data off-platform.

Support compliance requirements

Support compliance efforts and audits with secure, encrypted archiving and fast retrieval.

Archiving with Data Archive for ServiceNow - FAQ

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