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Customer Videos

Perspectium solves the problem of data and workflow silos by integrating context-aware information in real time through a complete, end-to-end service. These video clips tell the stories of Perspectium customers that automated their connections. Now, they're spending more time instead on doing what they do best.

Custom Build - Why Web Services Fail

ServiceNow - ETL tools strain the ServiceNow instance, reducing performance.

Zurich - Web services and API’s are difficult to support and troubleshoot - "no way to effectively trace issues or recover transactions in a hurry."

PayPal - Trying to maintain data accuracy, PayPal found that home-grown ETLs are a nightmare.

Virteva (now Crossfuze) - Hours of troubleshooting and risking loss of data, especially during ServiceNow upgrades

Build or Buy

Accenture - "It's quite shocking for two of your top developers to come to you and say, we don't want to build this, we want to buy it."

Fujitsu - Again and again, DIY for integrations gets more expensive than planned.

CDW - With ServiceNow and web services "at some point, you're just going to run into a scalability issue" - and need an expert solution.

PayPal - The homegrown ETL meant relying on database teams for additions - which limited scalability.

Reporting Challenges Solved by DataSync

CERN - Reporting on non-IT services such as Quality Management. With Perspectium, "we are helping our companies to improve their services that we’re paying for."

Virteva (now Crossfuze) - Getting a complete view of customers while preserving the solid performance of ServiceNow instances

Accenture - Fulfilling reporting/analytics requests quickly in the more demanding COVID-19 world

AbbVie and Accenture - Perspectium lets these companies stay agile to fulfill new reporting requests and requirements.

PayPal - ServiceNow offers a Performance Analytics app, but the BI teams at PayPal prefer reporting on ServiceNow data in other BI tools.

PayPal - Data validation gives PayPal smarter data integration.

PayPal - By using a data-automation solution designed for high visibility, PayPal can empower their teams with data transparency.

BNY Mellon - With employees working remotely, BNY Mellon has seen exponential growth in the demand for reporting on ServiceNow data.

Advanced Reporting on Combined Data

Intermountain - Merging ServiceNow data with other data for detailed analytics, including data hierarchies

Intermountain - Advanced analytics? "With Perspectium and a local database, it became very easy."

ServiceNow - "We integrate [ServiceNow] data with 10 other sources, and we provide analytics to" several departments, deploying 200 dashboards.

AbbVie and Accenture - Merging ServiceNow data with other data, making it possible for teams and decision makers to have a full view of the company ecosystem

Accenture - Sending ServiceNow data to existing reporting dashboards to enhance the view for the CIO, the HR team, and others


Fujitsu - End-to-end encryption made the GDPR sign off easy.

Accenture - "The message is encrypted the entire time Perspectium has it. They don't see the contents of it at all. And you can actually watch the decryption happen in your applications."

Fujitsu - Homegrown integrations are often unsecure and inadequate to prevent data loss during outages.

PayPal - With a message bus that queues and verifies data, PayPal has a reliable solution for data synchronization that prevents data loss.

Performance of ServiceNow Instance

Accenture - Letting teams access an unmanaged API "immediately craters the system."

Fujitsu - Their former, homegrown solution created "a huge performance impact on the ServiceNow platform."

AbbVie - Running large reports in ServiceNow can slow it down to unacceptable levels. Here's how to fix that.

PayPal - Because of system slowdowns, ServiceNow suggested that PayPal report on ServiceNow data outside of ServiceNow.

BNY Mellon - Moving ServiceNow data to external storage lets BNY Mellon preserve the performance of ServiceNow.


ServiceNow - "Our company was growing at a rapid pace, and every department needed data.... We were quickly able to scale with Perspectium."

Zurich - As Zurich Insurance grew, its policy of not integrating turned out to be unfeasible.

Fujitsu - Outgrowing their custom-built integrations, Fujitsu found a scalable solution in Perspectium, quickly making it their standard for ServiceNow integrations.

PayPal - They switched from manual ETL to an automated solution, decreasing their maintenance costs and increasing their confidence in data integrity.

Real-time Transfer

Intermountain - Overnight batch transfers were lengthy and taking up significant resources. Intermountain switched to real-time transfer that also avoided performance impacts.

Virteva (now Crossfuze) - For real-time and scalable reporting and analytics, Virteva used Perspectium to bring data to a SQL database.

CDW - Dynamic replication means no more having to wait for accurate data until the next hourly or nightly batch job.

Fujitsu - Extracting ServiceNow data as batch exports overnight takes up too much time - and interferes with 24-hour global service delivery.

Zurich - They overcame doubts by a business unit about near real-time performance. "What they found out was that there was no perceived latency."

PayPal - To ensure availability, PayPal makes a commitment to extend each update to the database within a few seconds.

ROI - Results of DataSync and Service Gateway

AbbVie - Improving the visibility of ServiceNow data, AbbVie found new ways to do business more efficiently - which ultimately helps them get medicine to patients faster.

CDW - Using just web services, CDW saw one of their customers facing a $50,000 third-party fee. Now, having their customers avoid huge development fees is a major selling point for CDW.

Fujitsu - Their new data solution let Fujitsu switch from paying developers in 3 areas to just 2.

Fujitsu - Moving data in context let Fujitsu save time and improve the user experience for desk agents.

Virteva (now Crossfuze) - For an MSP, it's inefficient and growth-stunting to log in to separate instances of customer service desks to field calls that are relevant to the appropriate service desk.

PayPal - Their new data-automation solution gave them control to customize on the fly.

PayPal - Avoiding the kind of data duplication that ETL required meant less data volume and discrepancies.

MSP Customer Onboarding

Virteva (now Crossfuze) - MSPs use Perspectium's common data model for a plug-and-play approach to onboarding customers that avoids coding.

Accenture - To advance their work as a service provider, Accenture needed to load client and user data - and synchronize that data between test and production instances.

Fujitsu - A common data model simplifies workflow between differing ITSM tools, letting Fujitsu expedite the implementation of new connections.

MSP Connecting with Customers - Better Visibility and Service

Fujitsu - Using Perspectium Service Gateway to create new connections fast

Virteva (now Crossfuze) - Better visibility into customer instances means better service for end users.

Virteva (now Crossfuze) - Integrate CSM applications, including Salesforce and ServiceNow's CSM

Publish Once, Subscribe Many

ServiceNow - They found Perspectium's publish-and-subscribe model to be a differentiator, letting ServiceNow send data to multiple targets.

CERN - Sending data from multiple ServiceNow instances to multiple databases.

Accenture - Taking advantage of Perspectium's model of publish-once, subscribe-many - without performance impact on Accenture

BNY Mellon - Maintaining control over data queues, dynamic shares, and bulk shares for their integrations. This control enhances reporting and machine learning.

Vendor Consolidation vs Best-of-breed

Fujitsu - "I don't know if you've ever tried to get a developer to stop using JIRA. It's almost impossible."

Zurich - Outgrowing their initial policy of driving everyone to ServiceNow, Zurich decided to integrate, letting teams use best-of-breed tools.

PayPal - ServiceNow customers want to move data to a database - so that the BI teams can use their preferred BI tools.

BNY Mellon - Staying operationally resilient by having ServiceNow data available outside ServiceNow

PayPal - By letting teams access data in their various preferred platforms, PayPal makes ServiceNow data accessible.

Syncronizing Instances

CERN - Training new service desk staff by replicating real tickets to a training instance

CERN - To ensure that development, testing, and training are working with an accurate Business Service Catalog, CERN syncs instances to keep the catalog up to date.

CERN - David Martin of CERN demos how they replicate tickets for training and replicate data from its Business Service Catalog.

Intermountain - Moving data between production and subproduction ServiceNow instances - and avoiding cloning or after-hours batch jobs

Higher Throughput

ServiceNow - Delivering 7 million - now, 13 million! - records per day

AbbVie - Transferring data from 300 tables daily

Accenture - Moving millions of records per day, no sweat

Fujitsu - Seamlessly and effortlessly transferring 15+ million records per month

PayPal - A solid architecture within their new data-automation solution let them scale - and enabled dozens of teams to do their own reporting.

Simpler, Faster Implementation

Fujitsu - An MSP, Fujitsu chose Perspectium for fast implementations, enabling rapid time to value.

Fujitsu - They set up a new integration in 2 hours, using Perspectium, rather than weeks and months.

Zurich - Advice: get with service providers early in the process to map the fields for the connections.

Zurich - Tip: comprehensive planning leads to faster time to production.

CDW - With the technical side simplified by the integration provider, the implementation labor is mostly planning and communicating about data transfer.

PayPal - Knowing your stakeholders is key to constructing an effective data map.

PayPal - Understanding which data is relevant and needed is key to effective data management.

PayPal - When you communicate internally how a new data solution works, your stakeholders understand better what new possibilities exist.

Perspectium as a Complete Solution - Integration as a Service

Intermountain - "We ended up using Perspectium because it offered us the most complete solution."

Virteva (now Crossfuze) - Relying on Perspectium expertise to ensure integrations keep working through upgrades of ServiceNow, Salesforce, JIRA

CDW - When MSPs no longer need to micromanage the technology, they can focus their time instead on their customers.