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Top 10 Reasons to Implement Integration and ITSM Simultaneously

10 Reasons to Implement an ITSM Solution and an Integration Solution Simultaneously

Without a strategy for integrating ITSM with the wider enterprise, your ITSM solution will generate considerable technical debt.

As your ITSM data volumes grow, the need for an automated integration solution will become more clear.

But as you customize your ITSM solution over time, retrospectively implementing an integration solution can become more difficult.

Integrating ITSM solutions with other enterprise solutions and business functions can:

  • Link ITSM with Development to automate DevOps
  • Unify IT and customer service processes
  • eBond ITSM with third party applications and external partner service providers
  • Connect business intelligence and analytics tools with the corporate data warehouse

Learn the top 10 reasons why integration should be part of the IT service management strategy and implementation, rather than an after-thought.

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