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Virteva Stories

In these clips from a webinar, Matt Miller, VP of Delivery at Virteva, discusses how Virteva uses Perspectium integration solutions to shorten customer on-boarding processes, improve knowledge management processes, and provide customers with new service management solutions that were not previously possible.

For access to the entire webinar, click here.

MSPs often have to log in to separate instances of customer service desks. This swivel-chair approach limits growth.


Virteva needed a complete view of customers for reports while preserving the solid performance of the instances.


When Virteva's integrations used only web services, limitations regarding led to ongoing maintenance.


For real-time and scalable reporting and analytics, Virteva used Perspectium to bring data to a SQL database.


Enhancing visibility for better service, Virteva integrated with customer instances for incident management and knowledge management.


Virteva uses Perspectium's common data model for a plug-and-play approach that avoids coding and expedites customer onboarding.


With Perspectium, you can integrate CSM applications, including Salesforce and ServiceNow's CSM application. Hear Virteva's story.


Simplifying version updates, Virteva relied on Perspectium to handle the environment-specific knowledge of Salesforce, Jira, and ServiceNow.