New obfuscation capability delivers easily configurable privacy

SAN DIEGO, April 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Perspectium, the leader in service management integration, today announced the release of new functionality that will greatly aid companies working toward becoming compliant with the European Union general data protection regulation (GDPR) which will become enforceable on May 25 this year.

Integrations are the backbone of the enterprise, so ensuring those integrations are secure and private is a critical element in achieving GDPR compliance. The new capabilities are available immediately to all existing Perspectium customers and provide the ability to obfuscate specific data when moving it to another system, a service provider, or even within the source system. Unlike other integration services, Perspectium obfuscates selected data at the source, and is easily configured to mask personally identifiable information (PII) via a point and click interface.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this new data privacy functionality to our customers,” says David Loo, CEO and founder of Perspectium. “Organizations around the world are investing significant work into GDPR compliance, and we love being able to simplify this part of the effort for our customers.”

With this update, Perspectium applies real time masking to data by field, by pattern-matching and by reference from external files, meaning that data stored in free-text fields can be sanitized just as easily as data in PII fields. This is critical for GDPR compliance, since all PII data is impacted – regardless of where it resides. Additionally, Perspectium has fully independent clouds for EU and non-EU customers to ensure that data isolation requirements are met.

Perspectium will be debuting this new functionality at the ServiceNow® Knowledge18 event in Las Vegas from May 7-10. At this event, people from around the world will gather to learn, connect, and get inspired—by experts and each other. Attendees will see how Perspectium rapidly connects ServiceNow to their other enterprise applications, service providers, customers, and data repositories—delivering a GDPR compliant “workflow of workflows” across the business.

About Perspectium
Perspectium delivers integration solutions for service management, providing the comprehensive capabilities required by IT and service providers. Only Perspectium integrates both process and data, automating workflows across applications, databases, and business teams. Perspectium solutions are end-to-end managed cloud services, solving intricate integration challenges for some of the world’s largest organizations.

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