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Record Estimator

Understand and monitor ServiceNow data volumes to avoid data debt and performance-sapping table growth

Understand Your ServiceNow Data

Record Estimator helps you understand and manage the growth of your ServiceNow instance. It allows platform owners to ensure they don’t run into “data debt”, and can help ensure that all the tables in an instance stay within the limits they set. Record Estimator provides visibility into the number of records in any table in your instance, shows table growth over time, and provides alerts to notify the administrators when records approach a threshold.

Servicenow Record Monitor
Servicenow Record Estimator
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Perspectium Record Estimator

Perspectium Record Estimator allows you to:

  • Understand the number of records in any table in your instance – with optional filtering and grouping available to refine your report
  • Understand the number of records created in a table during a time period
  • View reports that illustrate data growth over time
  • Set alerts to notify you (or a group) when a table gets to a defined threshold

Certified & Built on Now

A native ServiceNow application
means nothing new to learn


Understand ServiceNow Data

Visibility into any table in your
instance - even custom tables


Trigger Proactive Alerts

Set up alerts so that you know about
data problems before they occur


See Data Growth Trends

Understand table growth over time
for smarter planning


Flexible Report Configuration

Use grouping, conditions and graph
types to see your data the way you want


Reduce ServiceNow Data Debt

Know how much data you are collecting,
and how it is growing over time